1. Get a notebook. Any notebook will do, but keep in mind what kind of work you’ll want to do in it (e.g., journaling, drawing, painting, collage), and what size will work best for carrying it around and sending it through the mail.
  2. Find a friend, colleague, family member who wants to try something new.
  3. Fill out some pages with notes, drawings, lists, questions, whatever feels right at the time.
  4. Put the notebook in an envelope and send it to your sketchbook exchange partner.
  5. When you receive the notebook, enjoy the work that went into it! Lavish praise, make notes directly on the pages, or add post-its or paste notes in if you want to preserve the original work.
  6. Fill out your own pages. Get inspired by your partner’s work or try something new.
  7. Send it back and start the process again.

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